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Community visits — feedback

When we visit communities, those who attend get a chance to tell us how we’re doing.

When we ask: What will you take away from this community meeting? some of the responses have been:

  • Better understanding of co-operatives. Better understanding of what citizens feel is needed in the community.
  • Better understanding of everyone’s needs. Chance to open lines of communication with people in other communities and maybe start working together.
  • Networking with others
  • Reaffirmation of strength in community members.
  • A great turnout that showed a tremendous amount of community caring. Thank you!
  • Keep an open mind for opportunities to improve community.
  • That there are people in my community interested in development to meet local needs
  • Connected with some new people
  • More curiosity about the coop options. Greater awareness of other community members ideas and values
  • Feeling good about my community and the energy of the people around the table.