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Robust Co-op Development Environment

One of the most interesting activities of CIP was to visualize what is co-operative development, and see how the people, groups, and activities required to build co-ops fit into a robust co-operative development environment.

Using ideas from the Plunkett Foundation of the UK, combined with our on-the-ground research with western Canada’s active co-op developers, we present the following model as a way to think about, measure, and support co-operative growth in western Canada.

robust co-op development environment

See our chapter on Co-operative Development Environment in our final report for a richer explanation of how we built this model.


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Needs in rural and Aboriginal communities in western Canada

What are the top needs in rural and Aboriginal communities across western Canada?

It depends, a little, on who and how you ask. But not as much as you might think.

CIP conducted three major data capture points on needs: a telephone survey of over 2000 respondents, a web-based survey of municipal and band administrators, and 26 open community engagement events.

While the surveys had a pre-set list of needs that were ranked by respondents, community meetings were wide open. Respondents could say what their communities needed most. Some of the more interesting: break down community barriers, and grow the volunteer base.

The following table compares across the three data points. Find out more about data collection and other results in the various chapters of our final report.

All Needs.Combined.ThreeDatasets_001