The Co-operative Innovation Project

Collaborative, Community-Led Solutions


The moment many have been waiting for… the Co-operative Innovation Project is starting to roll out some of our findings from the past year. Through telephone and on-line surveys, community visits, interviews, statistical research, literature reviews and website analysis, we have built a snapshot of co-operative development in western Canada as of 2015.

These results include an overview of the project, community results regarding needs as expressed by rural and Aboriginal communities across western Canada, some interesting notes on community characteristics and well-being, and an assessment of co-op knowledge along with a few observations about what’s going on in co-operative development in rural and Aboriginal communities across western Canada.

We hosted an on-line web event on November 30th, 2015 with a live-feed of some of our findings. Those presentations can be found here.

*IMPORTANT: there are data limitations. Data reflects known incorporations of co-operatives with a registered location in our rural and rural Aboriginal study communities. Numbers may be incomplete due to a lack of detailed information on co-operative incorporations or registration in an urban centre.*

CIP Presentation CIP-WC Overview

CIP Presentation Community Results Nov 28

Community Characteristics and Well-Being

CIP Presentation Co-op Development.2


Wordcloud – Needs in rural and Aboriginal western Canada

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